We Are a Global EOS Community - Building Crypto-cafes around the world.

EOS Cafe DAC is a Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) that is owned by and guided by owners of BEANS. Our goal is to harness the power of EOS to provide education, infrastructure and decentralized applications to enrich the global EOS ecosystem.

EOS CAFE Manual Brand Asset.

Thanks for your interest in EOS CAFE. We have a few guidelines for using our brand resources, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them.


Love our logo, treat it right, and it will love you too. Read on to learn the ins and outs of using the EOS CAFE logo.


The EOS CAFE logo system is the common thread throughout our communications, and should be your starting point when creating marketing materials and other stuff. Think of it as a map that helps explain and unify our large, complex community. 

We have  four  versions are available for use:

  • Master Logo ( primary logo )
  • Master Logo ( secondary logo )
  • Alternative Logo
  • Icons

Scroll down for precise guidelines on logo usage, placement, color, and size. Consistent treatment of the logo builds the EOS CAFE.

The EOS CAFE logo uses four colors: walnut, red brown, black, and white. Primarily the logo should be used on a white background for maximum impact and clarity. The following versions are available for use:

Master Logo (primary logo)

This is the official logo of EOS CAFE, some called as Master Logo. It should be used on all external communications and on internal communications that need a more formal approach. Use the logo artwork exactly as it’s given. Do not make up a logo yourself. Never manipulate the logo. Do not change the type, the colors, or the rules around it. Do not redraw it, distort it, or add anything to it.

Clear space & sizing

The minimum clear space is defined as x, measured by the width of the vertical stroke of the letter 'E-O- S'. The minimum clear space of 4x should always be applied. Try to maximize clear space whenever possible.

The minimum size of our logo is 41 px on screen, or 0,172 in (4.367 mm) in print. In exceptional circumstances, smaller sizes for print may be necessary (e.g. on event merchandise). In such cases, legibility should always be your top priority – always ensure the line in coffee symbols are clearly visible.

Background colors & photos

This is how the placement of EOS CAFE logo. And Ideally the logo is to be used on a white background for maximum impact and clarity. When this is not possible, be sure to choose background colors or photos that provide sufficient contrast with the logo. Give the logo its space, this is one of the most important things we’d like you to remember. This space is always required on print pieces.

Corporate color palette

The EOS CAFE corporate palette consists of four colors: walnut, red brown, black, and white. Walnut and red brown color is the core of our brand identity and should appear whenever possible for members to immediately identify our brand.


The 'eye dropper' or color sampling tool is inacurrate. For best color reproduction, follow the numbers in the color guidelines.


Typography plays an important role in communicating an overall tone and quality. Careful use of typography reinforces our personality and ensures clarity and harmony in all EOS CAFE communications. We have selected Square721 BT (normal), which helps inject energy and enthusiasm into the entire EOS CAFE communications, as the primary corporate typeface. 

Best practices

The same rules apply to the usage of our Master Logo ( secondary logo ), Alternative Logo and IconsA number of logo assets in different file formats and sizes are available for download. Never attempt to recreate the logo.

Follow these guidelines when working with the EOS CAFE logo.

  • Use only approved logo assets
  • Provide clear space
  • Make sure the line coffee visual is visible
  • Contrast with the background
  • Don't Add effects
  • Don't Modify the logo
  • Don't Change the color
  • and Don't Change the radius

Grab only the brand elements you need or download the complete EOS CAFE brand package in Source file download.


When making use of our logo, be sure to follow the guidelines. If you would like to make use of our logo or other brand features in a manner not within the guidelines, you must seek our prior written permission by submitting a Request for Permission Form.


Have questions about how to properly use our logo or other brand features? Contact us at Discord Channel